Ayanna's Infusions

Black Majesty (FACE WASH)

unscented facial cleanser | glass 2oz bottle | handmade, vegan & eco-conscious

I was dreaming about this cleanser for WEEKS, then I finally brought it into fruition.

The foundation is Mango Majesty (mango based skin correcting butter) + blackberry and cranberry extracts + black seed oil

...a combination made in skincare heaven!

pure castile soap ( water, saponified olive, coconut, & sunflower oils, aloe vera, shea butter, rosemary extract, citric acid ) infused with mango majesty ( mango butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and vegetable glycerin ), blackberry extract, cranberry extract, black seed oil, hemp seed oil


Mango Majesty- Boosts skin health & vibrancy while preventing the growth of blemish causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. Brightens the appearance of the skin and helps soothe uneven skin tone + texture.

Blackberry & Cranberry Extract- Delivers antioxidants & vitamins directly to your skin cells. Also supports collagen production needed for maximum skin health & neutralizes free radicals ( unstable molecules that damage the skin ).

Black Seed Oil- Boosts the overall radiancy of your skin. Contains powerful antioxidants that reverse skin damage, while soothing and preventing inflammation and irritation.

Wet your face thoroughly before each use. Add one dropper full of Black Majesty to your hand, then use both hands to emulsify with water. Cleanse your face 2x daily, BEFORE misting with ReVamp Mist or Cooling Hydrosol & massaging in your favorite AYANNA'S INFUSIONS facial oil or butter.